How do you describe a place like Yosemite? It's name alone commands a certain level of respect. Nothing is more beautiful, dramatic and wild. That is after you pass the gift shop, hoards of day tourists, bus parking and screaming children. Then nothing is more beautiful, dramatic and wild. Through a lottery system, our party had secured day passes to summit Half Dome. Lucky hikers are we. It's a tough hike, 14 miles over 12 hours. The last 400 feet prove the most challenging with some hikers opting not to continue. The thick steel cables provide little assurance of my well being as I made my way up, looking to find my next 2x4 wooden platform to rest and wait for others to advance. One quickly realizes how life can be lost on the cables. One unfortunately had slipped off the very same cables, the previously month. I was reminded by this fact again when a rogue water bottle fall out of a backpack and tumbled down the rockfall. Nothing was going to stop it. Considering these potential dangers, let's just say I wanted to reach the summit ASAP. The summit celebration was short lived. It's not wise to rush down a mountain when a rogue storm appears of out nowhere. In the end, it would prove to be one of the toughest day hikes I have completed but well worth the effort. To save space and wright,  A Sony A7ii (with 20mm pancake lens) was used instead of the bulkier and heavier Canon 5D Mark iii.

Below are my photographs from the experience.