Meeting and interacting with all different types of individuals is one of the greatest benefits of being a photographer. It provides insights into different cultures, places and events that otherwise would remain elusive. Even in the absence of a common language, bonds are formed and laughter is shared.

I have had the most fortunate opportunity to photograph different individuals across different places for the last 10 years. Below are a few of my interactions and experiences captured with a camera.

Life Highlights

With experience and time, you notice patterns present themselves. Regardless of circumstance, wealth or culture, we all have the same basic desires and dreams. Our status quo is shaped by our past events and how we view the world.

Being able to capture the expressions and mannerisms exhibited offers insights into an individual. Many of us (myself included), find it awkward to be in front of the camera; our flaws and weaknesses exposed for all to see. Evidence about ourselves is revealed.