Weddings are celebrations; accompanied by happiness and laughter. We celebrate them in vastly different ways, bound by culture and tradition. Groups of friends assemble for the first time in years. Tears stream down the faces of individuals who don’t cry…ever.

Vows will be said and rings exchanged. Rehearsed speeches are suddenly subject to last minute changes. Food is enjoyed. Introverts find their way to the dance floor. Old friends accompany each other on the hunt for a fresh cocktail. Laughter goes long into the night. And just for a short time, our minds drift away from what lies ahead on Monday. Wedding photographs allow stories and memories to briefly come back to life. And therein the beauty lies.

It’s why wedding photographs matter. I love to collaborate with clients who want their story told. For additional information about offered wedding photography services, visit here.

The highlighted selection below represents just a fraction of the memories, moments and stories captured with my camera.

Additional information about offered wedding photography services here.